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Knowledge Base Engineering

The need to capture, manage, and utilize design knowledge and automate processes unique to a manufacturer's product development experience has led to the development of knowledge-based engineering (KBE) technology. The purpose of KBE is to provide a specialized design environment to the users for capturing intents. The goal of KBE technology is to provide design organizations with a high-level programming environment for capturing and infusing this valuable knowledge into its product design processes and to engineer and manufacture products with more consistent product quality and increased production efficiencies KBE helps in reduction in design time, eliminates checking, captures product knowledge and allows companies to customize more and more products, with shorter lead times, and increased market share and revenues.

Strategic benefits:
More companies are turning to KBE systems to help them respond to worldwide competitive pressures. With CAD systems, people define part geometry and document the result of the design process with annotated drawings. KBE systems complement CAD systems by adding the engineering knowledge that drives the product design process. They also produce other information besides drawings such as Bills of Material, cost analysis, process plans, MRP inputs and user-defined reports. Companies can use CAD systems as either the front-end to supply geometric constraints or other user specifications to a KBE system or as a back-end for detailing, documentation.

KBE Expertise:

  • Strong engineering background - necessary to grasp client's engineering knowledge base.
  • Strong in-house software resources
  • Assured confidentiality (important for client's proprietary designs and applications)
  • Quality documentation to ensure modifiability of software
  • Ability to train and coach the client firm on KBE

Automated Design and Detailing
  • Extencore creates complete design and detailing applications customized as per client's engineering environment and based on the client's human and enterprise knowledge-base.

  • This enables clients to create the complete design and the related drawings based on design inputs using Graphical User Interfaces, spreadsheets, etc. This leads to an overall time saving of over 70% for a new design.