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In-house Trainings

EXTENCORE INHOUSE TRAINING CENTRE is a part of EXTENCORE SOLUTIONS Pvt Ltd. The Training team has expertise and experience of successfully marketing and providing technical support for more than 50 educational institutions all over India. The 300 plus manpower group is headed by experienced managers from IT & Engineering Services.

Training Vision

All our services in the global market revolve around requirement of experienced engineers equipped with latest design and software tools in CAD, CAE, CFD and KBE.We believe in sharing our multiple domain and technological expertise with aspiring students to make them successful to be an integral part of our esteemed organization as well as other engineering design services companies.

At Extencore we are committed to product engineering efficiency for our clients. Students at Extencore will get opportunities to work with a group that serves the leading International companies dealing in technology and multiple domains and area such as Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Oil and Gas, Process Industries, Turbo Machineries, Aerospace, Agro Machinery, Surgical Equipments, Heavy Electrical, EPC/Manufacturing, Nano Technology & GEO Mechanics.

Objective, Approach And Activities
  • Gradually develop the analytical ability in engineering aspects through regular Industry Institute Interaction thro EXTENCORE student forum
  • Develop the self-confidence to approach the Industry
  • Create the individuality among students to do projects and implant training without depending on external or third party source ( Paid Projects )
  • Increase the ability of student in the area of CAD, CAE ,CFD so as to meet the Industrial expectation for employment
  • Focus on understanding engineering problems in various engineering branches through practical approach
  • Creating and aligning the Industry Ready Talent Pool
Strategic Handholding Approach
  • Conduct Sessions by leading industrial experts to orient the faculties according to the recent technological developments across various industries.
  • EXTENCORE Students Forum in each college, would function under the guidance of EXTENCORE Managers and in association with local Industries would focus on Industry Institute Interaction.
  • EXTENCORE Certified Students would be encouraged to participate in leading forum like NAFEMS (www.nafems.org ) to have international exposure.
  • EXTENCORE shall provide Inputs to various branches of engineering students regarding the Application of CAD,CAE and CFD Software tools and its products to the relevant / corresponding industry in that area
  • EXTENCORE shall only guide students to identify the projects in the respective field of engineering.